Laura Tan - Mixed Subjects

"Pinned Bird"  watercolor on paper  14 x 11 inches    SOLD

"Anjous and Sparrow"  oil on linen  30 x 30 inches

"Untitled Hummingbird"   oil on linen    11 x 9.25 inches     SOLD

"Hummingbirds on Yellow"   oil on linen    10 x 7 inches

"Ornament"    oil on linen on board    10 x 8 inches

"On the Wing"    oil on linen    10 x 8 inches

"Hawk's Poem"   oil on linen    24 x 38 inches

"Bird Study"   pencil and watercolor on paper   20 x 14 inches

"Bird Study 2"   pencil and watercolor on paper   14 x 20 inches

"Mom and Dad"   watercolor on paper    26 x 17.5 inches    NFS

"Holding Hands"   watercolor on paper    12 x 16 inches    SOLD

"TJ and Tom"   watercolor on paper    12 x 16 inches    SOLD

"Vernon Elliott Family"   watercolor on paper    22 x 30 inches    SOLD

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