About Fernando Davila

Fernando Davila is a very accomplished artist born in Colombia, who has achieved recognition for his mastery of figurative paintings and his extensive work has been exhibited in South America, Europe and the U.S.

He was chosen and personally invited by Maestro Fernando Botero to participate in the XXIX Prix International de L’Art Contemporain in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Davila was recognized by the Colombian Congress in 1999 with the “Orden de la Democracia” for his contribution to the Arts.

He has published two hard cover books and many catalogues about his paintings with written texts by well known Art Critics and Art Historians such as; Edward J. Sullivan, Pierre Restany, Ana Maria Escallon, Georges Gomez y Caceres, German Rubiano Caballero.

His paintings have been auctioned in Christie’s and Sotheby’s New York since 1988, and most recently in Los Angeles at MOLAA auctions 2006-07.


The last Contemporary Latin American Art Auction at the MOLAA ( Museum of Latin American Art) in Los Angeles, took place the 20 and 21 of October . www.molaa.org/n_auction_2007.html, See Auction Exhibition 07.

For the second consecutive year a Fernando Davila’s painting was auctioned and SOLD . In The auction catalogue, lot # 19 The oil “Cantaclaro” a landscape that depicts an open window to a Colombian River and the reflection of light on an inviting bed. Auction Bid Between $23,000.00 and $25,000.00 US DOLARS.

MOLAA is the largest Latin American Art Museum in the United States and its main purpose is to promote the Latin American Art . In the main page of the auction presentation, the museum highlighted four paintings: One from Fernando Davila, ,Rufino Tamayo, Ana Mercedes Hoyos and Diego Rivera.