About Alfredo Palmero

"Surrounded by art in the family studio, with my grandfather ever since I was small, I watched pictures being created, canvases and colors made ready, exhibitions…and long conversations about painters and their works. And above all that smell, that smell of oil and turpentine, that gets in your blood and makes you paint…and there is no going back."

"My training as an artist, very marked by the figure of painters - Velázquez Picasso, Klee- more than by styles or trends, explains part of my work. The series “Meninas”, inspired by Velázquez, are really an exaltation of Woman and Nature-Mother Earth-as origins of life. The Harlequins are the ambiguous duality of the human condition, of the artist himself. The block “My Other Paintings” is made up of pictures marked by the freedom to shift styles, “isms” and themes, giving clear lead to the expressiveness of colour and line. And the drawings... (I call them “frameworks”) represent a section of special importance. The drawing never lies -it’s “pure truth”, the framework that will support, or not, what comes next."


ALFREDO PALMERO is the third generation in a lineage of artists that began with his grandfather, with whom he shared a name and a great love for painting. Since 1991, Alfredo has been holding personal exhibitions in many of the European Cultural hubs: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Brussels, London, Lisbon, Berlin, Denmark, Montecarlo, and Paris. Globally, in Qatar, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Panama, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Miami, Washington, New York, China, South Korea … with prestigious attendees from diplomatic business, financial, industrial and other prestigious professional communities. The Palmero family has founded two private Museums in Spain, one in Barcelona in the XV Century House, and the second in the Central Spain. Works of the family can also be found in the private collections of His Royal Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain or Duchess of Alba de Tormes, Grandee of Spain. His figurative language is influenced by some of the best nineteenth and twentieth century European Art influenced by Velazquez, Renoir, Picasso or Klee. The influence of the Mediterranean culture is always present and it is one of his main features. Alfredo Palmero is now considered one of the most interesting contemporary Spanish artists in the artistic panorama, with a heritage of the traditional European Art merged with the aesthetic of the twenty-first century.