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Our Space / Our Mission

ABFA represents artists that are both nationally and internationally recognized. They have credentials you would expect to see in NYC as well as all prominant art centers across the globe.


Our mission here at ABFA is to bring you art of high aestethic value. We offer you artwork that is cutting edge tough to imagery steeped in painterly tradition.

On the one hand, we offer important contemporary sculpture and, on the other hand, ceramic work that would be considered created by one of Japan's "national treasures."


Current Exhibit:

Tali Almog

Thomas Tribby

April 1 - May 15, 2017

"Strength II", Tali Almog

About Tali Almog

"Maxine", Thomas Tribby

Upcoming Exhibit

Christopher Durham

May 20 - June 15, 2017

Christopher Durham


Armand Bolling

After 25 years in the art business, to finally have the opportunity to open my own space, showing my favorite artists, is a dream come true. The reception for the artists shown at Armand Bolling Fine Art by the art patrons has only reinforced the vision I have always had to show unique, remarkable works of unforgettable art; works that touch your heart, challenge your perception, create dialogue or silent reflection. Artworks that simply reinforce the experience of the miraculous nature of humanity, life, love, and the realm of our emotions.

Marci Kimmelman
Assistant Director

Marci studied art history at George Washington University. Along with her love of classical music, Marci’s talents brought her great success in her own design firm in the Northeast; she specialized in artistic stone, tile and wood design. Marci relocated to Florida in 2015 and is enjoying building an art business with her husband Armand.

Joe Nicastri

Scherer and Ouporov

John Henry

Marsha Silverman

Reflect 6